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IVMS for Mining & Construction

When "out of range" is simply not good enough...

As you would expect, vehicle/equipment tracking and monitoring for companies in the mining and engineering industries is far more challenging than the average company we work with.  Chances are that vehicles are often in locations with irregular and unreliable mobile phone coverage.

Of course, the problem is that with most IVMS products on the market, they simply can't transmit their position under these conditions.  You may want to know, for example, each time a vehicle enters or exits a site, but the web-based geo-fence capabilities are rendered useless by limited mobile coverage.

GPS Innovations is different.

Our solutions can be tailored with this in mind.  It may be that we use our FleetScout® device which stores information whilst out of range, or perhaps our combined Satellite/GPRS modem which switches its communication method depending on the most cost effective signal.


Improved Safety

Construction and mining sites are often dangerous places to be.  Is it any wonder that new regulations are on the way to ensure safety is improved.  Our solutions can be customised to ensure you can receive alerts for situations such as accident, man-down and no seat belt while vehicle is in motion - to name just a few.  The options are almost endless.


The future is Next G

As with a Next G mobile phone, our newly released Next G tracking device will be the solution of choice for most companies who need the additional coverage of this network.  Be out of range less often.


Not to mention these other useful benefits

  • Automatically record odomoter and km travelled for FBT and tax purposes.
  • Be alerted to upcoming scheduled service, registration and insurance premium payments for easy vehicle maintenance.
  • Produce meaningful reports to help make better and more informed business decisions.
  • Be aware of what is happening with your mobile workforce whether you are in the office or on the road.
  • Know exactly where your vehicles and mobile assets are, and what they doing, 24/7.


To find out more about how you can further reduce costs and improve both business performance and employee safety, contact us today.


HD & Equipment Brochure Cover

Mining & Construction
Brochure download available soon.


Integrated Solution:

  • FleetScout S3
  • Custom installation
  • FleetConnect

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